Table of Contents

Part I: The Quest for Memory

Chapter 1  Salt Lake Citi

Chapter 2  The Birth of Salvador Tosc

Chapter 3  Chameleon

Chapter 4  The Destruction of The Trilling Bridge

Chapter 5  Kerwac Absconds with Raymond

Chapter 6  Pursuit

Chapter 7  The Hall of Ancestors

Chapter 8  Of Food and Identity

Chapter 9  Dawgfight

Chapter 10  Raymond’s Fever and Charmin’s Employer

Chapter 11  Homecoming

Part II: The Turning Tide

Chapter 12  Raymond and Kerwac in Appalachia

Chapter 13  The Memorial Fair

Chapter 14  Salvador Contacts Raymond. Memories multiply.

Chapter 15  Charmin Returns

Chapter 16  Deciding Upon a Course

Part III: Gibraltar

Chapter 17  The Open Sea

Chapter 18  Learning from Bermuda

Chapter 19  Salvador’s Hour

Chapter 20  The Executors’ Fate